As of today the first public playtest of Apocalypse Road is available. I have been working on this game since 2015 and it has gone through a number of iterations. While there is still much to do, the rules themselves are solid enough to start getting some playtest feedback.

Shoot me an email if you would like a copy of the playtest rules. I am not throwing up a PDF for anyone to download yet as I want to be able to follow-up with folk who have given the rules a read or the game a play. Once this initial round of public alpha-testing is complete, another iteration will go out more broadly. So, if you want in on the ground floor, get in contact!

UPDATE: Thanks to all the volunteer play testers. If you did not get in this time round, don’t panic! There will be future opportunities.

Apocalypse Road

Apocalypse Road is the game of furious car combat in a world gone mad. It is beer-and-pretzel action with small die-cast cars. There is no need to “pre-build” your vehicle stats or any other long set-up time. Just chuck your vehicles on the table and duel for control of the highways!

Learn more here. Or check out the Facebook group.

Apocalypse Road