At last! A roleplaying game based on your favourite intergalactic anti-hero, Jack Cosmos – the Space Rat! Now you can take part in his over-the-top, outragous adventures adventures too!

Space Rat: the Jack Cosmos Adventure Game! is a roleplaying game in which the characters must work together to get their mission completed, while at the same time they compete for the attentions of the galaxy’s greatest hero! This is  a fast-paced game of fun and action as players pit their wits and luck agaist one another in an exciting space adventure.

Space Rat: the Jack Cosmos Adventure Game! is a complete roleplaying game. The 74-page book includes;

  • Complete character creation rules and pregenerated characters including fan favourites Cosmarina the Space Girl and Valerie the Slave Girl!
  • Flexible, cinematic rules able to cope with any situation, no matter how ridiculous or outrageous!
  • Devious luck rules where one bad roll can put your fate in another player’s hands!
  • Comprehensive Directors chapter with helpful advice such as “Don’t be fooled and don’t be a sucker!”
  • A bestiary of the Space Rat’s most famous adversaries, including Robotic Ape Men and the dreaded Eye Robot!
  • A complete adventure.

What People Are Saying About Space Rat

The space Rat rules are a wonder of clarity and intertwined, logical design. Femme Babes are badasses with style!

Ron Edwards

I am tempted to describe it as the game for people who found Macho Women With Guns insufficiently ironic. The game presupposes an nonexistent entertainment property and then prompts you to emulate its tropes. Space Rat, a rodent analog to Futurama’s Zap Brannigan is an icon of cheesy 70′s novels and a TV series. He is an NPC; you play the bevy of scantily clad, pulchritudinous space girlfriends who, in competing for his shiftless affections actually do all the work in successfully completing his assignments.

Robin Laws

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