I have just uploaded the first supplement for NEON CITY OVERDRIVE to DriveThruRPG.

Skinjobs. Artificial humans. Dolls. Skin-jumpers. Digital ghosts. The invention of the ghost chip was a game changer for those who could afford to re-skin, promising virtual immortality.

This supplement for NEON CITY OVERDRIVE describes ghost chips and skins, integral technologies of the setting. It provides material for both players and game masters, including rules on re-skinning and 28 new trademarks. A table of adventure seeds and a new job are also included.

New rules: How characters can re-skin during a job, and the hazards of transfer sickness. New flaws unique to skins. New traumas that a re-skinned character might suffer.

Trademarks: New trademarks include six types of bioroid (organic clones), six androids (robots with human brains), eight theroids (animal bodies with human ghosts), four gene hacks (genetically modified humans) and four new roles (ghost hunter, robot repairman, skim trader and transfer technician).

The Delivery Job: In this mission the characters must steal a state-of-the-art skin and get it across town before their time runs out. Breaking into the transfer facility is hard, getting away from the motorcycle gangs, gunships and tower defenses may just be impossible.