With September coming rapidly to a close I thought I would write a brief post to let you know the state of current projects. The last month and a half has been a challenging time on the personal front, but the upside of spending a lot of time at home has meant I have been able to make some headway on different games.

Apocalypse Road РI really appreciate the people who volunteered to play test this. It has been a passion project since I saw Mad Max: Fury Road. Prior to releasing it for play testing I thought the rules were pretty tightly bolted down, but I was wrong. I discovered that there is still a significant gap between intended gameplay (as it exists in my head and in my personal games) and the rules themselves. The playtest document needs reorganising and some rules clarifying. As a consequence I am not currently sending it out to new play testers. It will go back into play test when I have had a chance to address some of my concerns with the rules. To be honest, I am feeling a little frustrated by this outcome, but not disheartened Рit is now just  matter of being able to set some time aside to rework the things that need reworking.

GunFrame – on the bright side, I learnt some important lessons from both the game play and rules writing of Apocalypse Road and applied them to another miniature war-game project. GunFrame is a fast-playing game inspired by the anime mecha genre. It allows you to recreate the dynamic mech-on-mech action that is a staple of giant robot anime, using whatever miniature figures you have. I wrote the rules after Apocalypse Road went out to play test, and it all came together very quickly. The rules are complete, layout of the book is almost done and you will be seeing more of it very soon.

Freeform Universal – I am continuing to tweak and adjust ideas. My primary concern at the moment is finding a balance between the flexible, simple rules as they currently stand and adding a little more detail, particularly regarding damage / combat. I am experimenting with something I think has promise and will share soon. I am toying with the idea of writing some “mini games” that use FU as the basic engine, but tweak the rules for specific genre needs and purposes (dungeon exploration, super heroes, western…). I also think this might be a way to get new iterations of the FU rules out and played without committing to a full “second edition” which is still being drafted but slowly growing into a beast of a documents (compared to the original 24 page game!). Speaking of the original game, a fan suggested making a print-on-demand version available, which I think is a great idea, and I will be looking into that after I have finished the work on GunFrame.

That about wraps it up for the moment. I am going to endeavour to write a little more frequently than I have been. Keep an eye out for some info on GunFrame very soon.

> Nathan