A few games based on the FU rules have been released lately so I thought I would share them with you. I have no affiliation with these products and have not had a chance to do any more than browse over them. If you get a chance to read / play these, leave a comment below or a brief review on your favourite review platform.

FU in German – a translation of the FU rules, with a downloadable PDF and an online SRD.

Outstanding Heroes and Extraordinary Threats – a game that fuses the FU rules with Dungeons & Dragons features.

Are you a Fu Guru yet?

If you are a fan of FU then you should totally be over on the Facebook group. Fans are sharing resources and beginning to engage in some great FU-related discussion. Join us, share your ideas, contribute to the community!

The “official” website

Also, just in case you were not aware, there is an entire website dedicated to FU and my continuing experiments on the system. It lives here!