The City sprawls endlessly, a wilderness of towers, cobbled streets and teeming masses. It has existed since time imemorial, and has been built to last forever. It is a conglomeration of stone and iron buildings, each built tight next to or on top of its neighbors. The City is industrial, overcrowded, dark, claustrophobic and busy. People work around the clock, in the mines, boiler rooms and kitchens, on the walls of the Cage, on woven seaweed fishing boats and in the catacombs. Smoke chokes the air, stains the walls and falls in a flaky precipitation.

The City is many things to all people: home, work, playground, passion, bastion and prison.


Perpetual City began life as a fantasy-cyberpunk fusion, a game created in 24-hours, called Verge. Since then it has grown into something much more. This game is currently in development, but you can still see the original game: