November is almost at an end and I must say I am extremely thankful for that. This is a brief post to “round-up” the things I have been doing this month.

National Game Design MonthNational Game Design Month

I have been busy with National Game Design Month, trying to keep myself focused and motivated, and engaging with many others in discussions on game design. Every year I am torn by competing desires, between NagaDemon, NaNoWriMo and work and family commitments. I expect to make some changes next year in order to alleviate this.

Apocalypse Road

I have been working on Apocalypse Road, a miniature car combat game set on the freeways of wasted future. It is inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road and other classic apocalyptic literature and pop-culture. The basic rules are done (and they are fun!), but now the challenging task of creating the cards and templates and formatting the rules begins.Blog-Header-Apocalypse-Road-Muscle-Cars


Regular visitors will notice the website has had a facelift. I am hoping that it is far easier to navigate, find games and generally engage with Peril Planet and with me. This round-up blog post also marks a return to blogging specifically here, rather than just on my personal site. I will only be talking about Peril Planet games and related activities here, obviously, so if you still want to read my posts about games by other creators, or about the writing process, or anything else, make sure you still visit my personal blog.

Finally for this round-up

With Christmas on the horizon (it’s only a matter of weeks away and I haven’t done any shopping!), my attention will soon be turning to family activities. It doesn’t mean I will stop working on games, but progress will stop.

I hope your November has been great. Talk soon!