I’ve been at home for a couple of weeks now. Doing the responsible thing has given me time to learn how to use a whole bunch of online play tools, help my kids with their school work, and even be a little creative! The result of that creativity is NEON CITY OVERDRIVE, a cyberpunk RPG built on the bones of Freeform Universal.

It is currently pay-what-you-wat at DriveThru RPG, but only until print on demand copies are available – get it while it’s hot!

The rain-slick streets gleam like silver on a circuit board and holographic signs paint the metroplexes in a river of neon. The city stretches as far as the eye can see, from the toxic coast to the city limits where the walls keep the wasteland from encroaching. Despite advances in technology most people continue to live as cogs in a machine, distracted from their ineffectual lives by slick consumerism and invasive media. 

You are a cyberpunk, a desperate individual with valuable skills, willing to put your life on the line in return for a little cash, reputation or leverage. With a lot of effort and a little luck you may survive the dangerous streets long enough to fulfill your goals and escape this life of violence and trouble.

NEON CITY OVERDRIVE is a fast-playing RPG of cyberpunk action. With a focus on story and action, character creation is fast and the rules are intuitive. Create any kind of cyberpunk character you want and throw them into the action within minutes. 

  • Simple, intuitive D6 dice pool system
  • Create any kind of cyberpunk you can imagine
  • Broad sandbox setting and random tables help make the setting your own