Oops, I did it again. 😛 With a weekend free of obligations and my game design muscles twitching, I deciding to throw together another mini game. This week’s offering is a game of cute robots saving the last human in the galaxy. Long time fans might recognise the concept, as The Last Human was one of the very first games I ever published.

I took the central idea – a group of well-meaning but not particularly competent robots protecting a baby – and updated it with the latest iteration of the FU rules. Unlike the previous mini game, Dungeon Crawlers, this game does away with equipment lists and hit points, instead focusing on weird character tags that the players might have to work hard to incorporate into a scene. As a reward for doing so, robots earn XP when they use a tag in an interesting way, and can also get power-ups during play when their quirks (flaws) make life difficult.

The Last Human is a game that has been with me a long time and I am really pleased to present a new version that I hope players enjoy.

Click for the PDF!

I have the taste for it now, so keep an eye out for more Mini-FU!