In a moment of inspiration and excitement last week, I took some ideas i had been playing around with and turned them into a two-page “mini game” of dungeon exploration and adventure. I will admit that I had to make the font pretty small to fit it all in, but as I read most of my games on an iPad these days, it wasn’t such a big deal. 🙂

Dungeon Crawlers is a game of dungeon exploration and fantasy adventure, inspired by movies like Conan, Willow, Hawk the Slayer and the Dungeons and Dragons films… *ahem*.

It is fast playing and, built on the basic FU engine, easy to get started. It uses a revised dice pool mechanic that is quick to use during play and strikes a nice balance between predictability and risk. Dungeon Crawlers also includes a simple system for magic, hit point damage, weapons and armour – so you might want to check it out just for those features.

Click for the PDF!

Stay tuned for more mini-games in the future!