Freeform Universal

It’s pronounced “Foo”, like in “Kung-fu!”

FU: the Freeform Universal RPG is the lightweight, super-flexible, super-fun roleplaying game that puts your characters at the centre of the action. Downloaded more than 5000 times since 2010, an enthusiastic community of players, “hackers” and publishers have embraced the streamlined system that puts the focus on story, action and entertainment.

Freeform Universal is a game of action, adventure and fun!. It is a roleplaying game of grand proportions and stupefying simplicity. FU lets you create exciting stories in any setting imaginable, with a minimum of fuss, or even preparation.

The core of FU comes down to this:

  • Characters are described with evocative descriptors – no “stats” or other numbers!
  • Only players roll dice, letting the Game Master focus on guiding an awesome story
  • Conflicts and obstacles are approached with closed questions – “Can I leap the chasm?” “Do I disarm my opponent?”
  • The dice answer your question with some combination of YES / NO / AND / BUT which you use to drive the story forward

Licensing FU (CC-BY)


FU is released with a Creative Commons Attribution License. This is a very flexible license that allows you to copy, remix, edit and create awesome stuff based on FU. Learn more about the license and what you can do with FU here.