Fantasy Character Hotseat

Fantasy Character HotseatFantasy Character Hotseat is the very first System Free Resource – a game resource that is useful no matter what game or system you are using. This resource provides more than 240 inspirational prompts that you can use to create interesting backgrounds and agendas for your fantasy characters. This first Hotseat resource focuses on the iconic fantasy classes of Warrior, Spellcaster and Rogue, and also provides background questionnaires for the four most common fantasy races of Human, Halfling, Dwarf and Elf.

This is a great resource for players, providing inspiration and ideas when creating a new character. Often, a player has a kernal of an idea for their character (“I want to be a dwarf fighter.” Or, “I want to be a surly elf.”) but not a lot else. Delving straight into character generation can be daunting and you might often be left wondering things like “What skills are important for my character?” Or, “Why should I give me halfling rogue any ranks in a sailing skill.” Or, “Will I need any abilities for talking to nobles?” Fantasy Character Hotseat helps by sketching out your character’s past and giving them a goal or agenda. Armed with the knowledge of where your character has been and where they are going, you can get on with creating your new hero!

Fantasy Character Hotseat is also a great resource for game masters. A GM can quickly and easily generate background details for NPC’s, or even use it as the spark for a villain’s motivations. The other big advantage for GM’s is that the Hotseat gets players thinking about their character before you ever get to stats, skills or whatever else your game uses.

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