Apocalypse Road

Apocalypse Road

In Apocalypse Road each player controls a convoy of armed and armoured vehicles, and tries to prove their superiority over the other wild bands of vehicular madmen in the lawless wilderness of the future.

This is a fast and furious game of beer-and-pretzels style action, where players can set-up as quickly as a boardgame and have a good laugh over the course of 30-60 minutes. While there are many vehicle combat games, Apocalypse Road has been created from the ground-up to focus on the chaos and over-the-top vehicle madness of films in the vehicular combat genre (you know which ones!).

The specific design goals were:

  • No need to “design” or “build” vehicles before play
  • Use any converted vehicles, without worrying what was modelled on them
  • Fast-playing so you can complete multiple games in a single evening
  • Fun to see vehicles destroyed – even your own!

 The current round of play testing has closed.

Keep your eyes open for future opportunities.