Last year I wrote a first draft for FU second Edition and shared it on the Freeform Universal facebook group. I kept it there for simplicity, both in terms of how far/wide it was shared and as a central place for feedback on the rules. I have been very pleased with the community feedback and discussion on the new rules – thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!

Today, I am posting the second edition beta here on the Peril Planet website so it is easier for everyone to access. Feel free to download, read over, play and share your thoughts.

If you want others to check out the beta rules I would prefer you directed them here to download the PDF. Please do not host/post the PDF on other sites/forums/pages.

An introduction to the second edition beta rules

While the second edition of FU has been in development for a very (very!) long time, it still isn’t complete. The beta rules are very much a work in progress, there are sections missing, a bunch of bits that may need a re-write, and other parts that are probably a compromise too far. It’s best to consider the beta rules as a nice-looking first draft – useable, but in need of polish. The second edition has been built on 10 years of play, discussion and enthusiastic support from the FU community, but there is always room for improvement. That’s where I hope you can help. Please play, read and discuss these rules. I would really like your feedback, on the rules, your play experiences, or just typos!

I strongly recommend you read the design notes, beginning page 136, before diving into the rules. They clarify my intent and may help frame your understanding of what this book is.

Please send detailed feedback to the Peril Planet e-mail address, or pop over to the facebook page and share your thoughts.

NOTE: For those of you who have already downloaded the beta rules, there are no changes – just a couple of typos fixed. There is no need to download or print a new copy.