A world of adventure, whatever you like to play!

At the heart of all Peril Planet games are quirky settings, self-contained rules that don’t require a host of expansions or add-ons to enjoy, and easy to learn rules that focus on story, playability and fun. Our games seek to capture your imagination, inspire you to tell awesome stories, and let you escape into worlds of adventure with your friends and family.

Our game design philosophy

Peril Planet is a small press publisher of quality roleplaying, board and miniature games. We focus on creating exciting and quirky games that let you get into the action quickly for maximum entertainment value.

A brief history of the planet…

Hey there, I’m Nathan Russell, the creator behind Peril Planet. I started this shenanigan way back in 2005 when I realised that making and sharing games was not restricted to big companies with staff and budgets and offices. I embraced the indie design approach of tightly focused games that jettison anything that doesn’t enhance that specific play experience. That year I won the inaugural “Ronnies” game design contest, which was just enough of a boost to my ego to ensure I kept doing this game design thing…

I’ve been sharing my games ever since.