I am busy preparing for PAX Australia, so it’s just a quick post to share a few very small games with you!

Business card supers

In preparation for PAX Aus I ordered some business cards, and decided the best way to showcase a game design studio was to provide a game. I am rather pleased with how well my game on a business card turned out. I might one-day provide a digital version of the game, but for now, here is a pic:

Micro supers RPG on a business card

It was 100% inspired by some other great games on business cards, particularly Nate Reme’s Wander and Card Slingers by George Richardson.

Wander by Nate Reme
Wander by Nate Reme
Card Slingers by George Richardson
Card Slingers by George Richardson

200 Word RPG

I decided to throw an entry into the 200 Word RPG contest. This is an annual game design competition where, you guessed it, entries must be 200 words or less! My entry The State Banquet for Visiting Aliens was inspired by a flight to Singapore earlier this year, and some of the interesting ingredients on the in-flight menu. Check out my entry here.

Dungeon Crawlers update

Finally, I reworked the layout of Dungeon Crawlers so you can print it out as a booklet. Just print it double-sided and fold in half! There are a couple of other little changes, but otherwise is the same game.