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Half-baked games (need more testing)


Welcome to the Apocalypse

As of today the first public playtest of Apocalypse Road is available. I have been working on this game since 2015 and it has gone through a number of iterations. While there is still much to do,...
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Earthdawn and FU – Mind Blown!

I discovered today that a new iteration of Earthdawn is on the way, published by the very clever folk at Vagrant Workshop. While I only briefly explored the exotic lands of Barsaive, it captured...
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November Round-up sees a busy season end – and begin!

November is almost at an end and I must say I am extremely thankful for that. This is a brief post to "round-up" the things I have been doing this month. National Game Design Month I have been busy...
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FU: The Freeform/Universal RPG. FU is a game of action, adventure and fun! It is a roleplaying game of grand proportions and stupefying simplicity. FU lets you create exciting stories in any setting...
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